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Electric vehicle events concentrate too much on three Cs - commercials, cars, copying each other. Cars will be only 34% of the electric vehicle value market in 2025. We must understand the totally different future, including for cars.
According to the IDTechEx report Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Land, Water & Air 2015-2025 over eight million hybrid cars will be made in 2025, with a range extender, the additional power source that distinguishes them from pure-electric.
Lithium-ion and lead-acid battery separator firm Polypore International has been sold for around $3.2billion in two separate deals. The US company sold its Energy Storage business to Japanese firm Asahi Kasei Corporation for around $2.2billion and its Separations Media segment to US based 3M Co for around $1billion.
To benchmark new technology for electric vehicles it is vital to look at all of the off-road, on-road, water and airborne e-vehicles.
New prototype 85kW synchronous reluctance drive designed primarily for electric vehicle traction applications. Avoids the use of expensive rare earth elements, provides uncompromised performance at significantly reduced cost.
3D printed cars 05 Mar | Worldwide
At the start, there was no generic name. The simple glass of the car windshield started to incorporate printed antennas and heaters. It was what we now know as "structural electronics" - one structure performing mechanical, electrical and other functions.
Researchers have identified electrical charge-induced changes in the structure and bonding of graphitic carbon electrodes that may one day affect the way energy is stored.
Murata Electronics is a worldwide leader in research, design, manufacture and sale of ceramic based passive electronic components, power supply and wireless module solutions. Learn more in this interview made at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA show.
Most drones are and will remain electric as detailed in the new IDTechEx report, "Electric Drones: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 2015-2025."
How can a humpback whale and a device that works on the same principle as the clicker that starts your gas grill help an unmanned aerial vehicle fly longer and with more stability?
Kanslab's Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE) is a solid-state thermal engine with no moving parts. Through thermal cycles of free-electrons in metal or semiconductor, ECE converts thermal energy into electricity in high efficiency.
Lithium-sulfur batteries have been a hot topic in battery research because of their ability to produce up to 10 times more energy than conventional batteries.
Bosch has entered a joint venture to make lithium-ion batteries up to two times more powerful.
This low cost event attracted about 360 delegates and about 21 exhibitors and the speakers were global and of high calibre.
It started with the bicycle dynamo and now no self-respecting vehicle designer ignores the possibility of many forms of energy harvesting in his design of a land vehicle.
From Hamburg to Paris, city authorities are forcing bus operators to go pollution-free at point of use by a set date and that will almost always mean pure-electric battery buses.
A research group has developed a highly efficient transistor used to reduce energy consumption in electric automobiles and trains.
A challenge that comes with the increased use of renewable energy is how to store electric energy.
Environmental award winner Controlled Power Technologies witnessed more interest in 48V mild hybrid vehicles when it recently showcased its switched-reluctance (SR) motor-generator technology in Los Angeles.
Researchers have developed a novel paper-like material for lithium-ion batteries. It has the potential to boost by several times the specific energy, or amount of energy that can be delivered per unit weight of the battery.
Launches of fuel cell cars are reportedly planned by up to six carmakers from 2015 including Tata Motors of India, owners of Jaguar Land Rover.
The most popular word for them is now drones, giving a military connotation to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs.
IDTechEx analyst Franco Gonzalez discusses some of the industry dynamics and latest trends of supercapacitors.
The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has announced the start of a study of using Autonomous cars in Dubai.
FAA proposes new drone rules 17 Feb | United States
New drone safety rules are being considered to allow businesses to use small unmanned aerial vehicles in the USA.
UK Business Secretary Vince Cable and Transport Minister Claire Perry officially launched a regulatory review of driverless cars and the Government's 'Introducing Driverless Cars' competition.
Scientists have worked for many years trying to find a way to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries.
In 2011, an important national priority was declared: Put 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.
Dendrites-deposits that form on electrode surfaces during the charging process-cause the batteries to short circuit, leading to serious safety hazards.
Bochum University of Applied Sciences and ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe are collaborating on a major research project into solar vehicle construction.
Electric Vehicle company Zap and Jonway Auto signed an OEM contract for 5000 units of ZAP Jonway's EV Minivans that will be sold under the brand of Dong Feng Motor Corporation.
The motor market is doubling in value even over the underlying fast growth of the electric vehicle business, whether hybrid or pure electric.
It is not much of an achievement to make a fuel cell powered vehicle any more. They have been made for over 25 years and they work well.
Pure electric vehicles are inevitably small and feeble or premium-priced, niche products like the Teslas? Not true.
Students have built Singapore's first urban solar electric car with an innovative 3D-printed body shell that has 150 parts
Savannah, the first superyacht to feature an eco-friendly blend of single diesel engine, three gensets, batteries, propeller, azimuting thruster and a streamlined hull shape.
BYD Motors Inc has officially unveiled the world's first long range, 100% Battery Electric Over the Road Coach Bus.
Bulletproof battery 30 Jan | United States
New battery technology from the University of Michigan should be able to prevent the kind of fires that grounded Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2013.
In the new report, "Electric Buses 2015-2025" analysts IDTechEx examine how Chinese hybrid buses are in some respects more advanced as the Government only supports plug-in versions with long pure electric range.
A Virginia Commonwealth University professor has received a five-year, $505,000 award from the National Science Foundation to make lithium-ion batteries -- which power electric vehicles and portable electronic devices -- far more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Polaris Industries Inc has acquired the electric motorcycle business of Brammo Inc. In addition, Polaris is acting as a leading investor in a recapitalization of Brammo that enables the company to focus exclusively on the design, development and integration of electric vehicle power trains.
A Fuel cell range extender will be used in light commercial vehicles to double the daily range of battery powered vehicles, a significant improvement that makes hydrogen-powered electric vehicles more competitive in the automotive markets.
Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it will increase production of the "Mirai" fuel cell sedan.
A patent for electric and hybrid EV motor design using non-rare earth magnets, will limit exposure to price fluctuations of rare earth magnets which are used in the majority of hybrid and pure electric vehicles produced today.
IDTechEx analyst Franco Gonzalez discusses some of the trends with Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage.
The oil price may stay low for many years due to oversupply. This will not affect the sales of electric road vehicles because their sales numbers decoupled from the oil price many years ago thanks to superior performance, subsidies and privileges such as no congestion charge.
Chevrolet has made a significant statement on its commitment to electrification with the introduction of the Bolt EV concept - a vision for an affordable, long-range all-electric vehicle.
An ultra-thin nanomaterial is at the heart of a major breakthrough by scientists who are in a global race to invent a cheaper, lighter and more powerful rechargeable battery for electric vehicles.
Sun Solar Technologies Inc has received the green light on government funding for an exciting new R&D collaboration with The University of Windsor aimed at optimizing Unconquered Sun's already popular Solar Fueled Electric Vehicle Powertrain technology.
Researchers have developed a new type of aluminium-air battery rechargeable by refilling salty or normal water and having a modified structure which ensures longer battery lifetime.
Chemists and materials scientists have developed a type of glass that can be used as an electrode material in lithium-ion batteries - likely making a vast improvement in these batteries' capacity and energy density.
Toyota is opening the door to the hydrogen future, making available thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents royalty free.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company and automaker BMW are teaming up to test the ability of electric vehicle batteries to provide valuable services to the electric grid.
A revolution is slicing through the car industry.
China has abolished export quotas for rare earth metals as the government complied with a World Trade Organization ruling in March last year.
Solaris with Warsaw and Poznan Universities of Technology developed a bi-articulated, 24-metre electric bus based on the new version of the Urbino family that had its world premiere at IAA exhibition in September 2014.
Electrovaya is pleased to announce that the KF Hisar°y electric cable ferry has now been sailing between Mjňnes and Hisar°y in Norway daily for over one year, with flawless operation.
An aircraft with a parallel hybrid engine - the first ever to be able to recharge its batteries in flight - has been successfully tested in the UK.
Researchers are the first to measure the optical and electrical transport properties of the individual nanoflakes that make up a battery's electrode while it is being charged.
Zero Motorcycles has announced that it has entered full production of its 2015 model line.
Malaysia's first indigenous Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle was launched by Education Minister II Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh at The National University of Malaysia.

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