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Venturi Volage Electric GT

About the Venturi Volage Electric GT


The fruit of a technical collaboration between Venturi Automobiles and Michelin, the Volage is the 1st vehicle to be designed using Active Wheel technology©.
Thanks to its handling, tractability and quiet operation, the Volage is the culmination of current automotive technology.


4 -wheel drive 
Michelin Active Wheel © technology 
two electric engines in each wheel 
- 1 engine dedicated to active suspension 
- 1 engine dedicated to traction


Venturi seats tailor made


Technologie Lithium Ion Polymère Battery pack developed by Venturi BMS developed by Ventec over 10-year battery life-span

“The science of aerodynamics is the main tool that has been used to dictate its shape.”


Sacha Lakic, designer


Allowing an innovative structure, clearing spaces


3 hrs on an external charging system 8 hrs on a standard charger approximative time for a 80% charge

With its 4 active suspension drive wheels, the VOLAGE has no equivalent. The MICHELIN Active Wheel technology© incorporates 2 electric motors per wheel (1 for the suspension and 1 for the drive), making a total of 8 motors controlled in real time by cutting edge electronics.

Roadster – 2 seats
4 driven wheels
Power 300 HP / 220 kW (4 x 55 kW)
Motor torque 232Nm (171 lb/ft) (4x58Nm (43 lb/ft))