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AC Propulsion

Yellow tzero and Red EV1

AC Propulsion is a San Dimas, California, USA company founded in 1992 by Alan Cocconi. Tom Gage is currently the company's CEO. They produce goods such as electric vehicle drive systems and their top of the line electric sports car, the AC Propulsion tzero. They also test prototype electric vehicles such as the "Plug Bug", a Volkswagen Beetle modified to run on electric power.

Founder Alan Cocconi designed and built the controller used in the original GM Impact which would later become the GM EV1. ACP introduced the first AC-150 150 kW (200 hp) integrated drive system in 1994. The AC-150 has been used in a variety of applications, such as a biodiesel hybrid. They are also a leader in Vehicle to grid or V2G systems with their second generation AC-150 drivetrain offering a bidirectional grid power connection.

In addition to pure electric vehicles, the company built a prototype gasoline-powered motorcycle-engine-based Genset trailer to extend an EVs range. In the process of testing the Long Ranger, they discovered that emissions for a gasoline engine optimized to run at a constant RPM were far below those of conventional vehicles.

Vehicles using an AC Propulsion electric drivetrain

The tzero™ sports car beats the Viper (History Channel)

The tzero™ sports car beats a Corvette (Auto Channel)

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