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Svensk Electrobil

Svensk Elektrobil

Electrical truck, built by SEA (Svensk Elektrobil AB) in 1943. The truck carried 2.5 tons and went about 45-50 km on one charge at a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Svensk Elektrobil AB (SEA) was a Swedish company that made electric vehicles. The Company was founded by Asea and was located at Rosenlundsgatan in southern Stockholm. The vehicle's electric motor connected to Tudor batteries containing 250 Ah. One of the models, the EV-12 launched in 1943, had a duo system with two motors. You could connect an extra motor when driving uphill or when heavy loaded. Most models had a range of 60-70 km, but 127 km was achieved.

Production of electric vehicles ended in the end of the 1940s due to competition from gasoline powered cars. In 1959 the company was renamed Svensk Reaktorteknik and later to ASEA-Atom and is as of 2009 named Westinghouse.


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