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Top 3 Trends the Global Electric Motorcycles and Scooters Market Share Over 2020-2026

The global electric motorcycles and scooters market is slated to observe immense growth due to the rising number of industry players in the sector and increasing consumer inclination towards battery-powered electric vehicles. Emerging companies like Gogoro, Pedego Electric Bikes, and Segway are making partnership deals with scooter-sharing firms to expand their presence and establish a strong foothold in the market.

In addition, the launch of new products with greater style and comfort is attracting a higher consumer attention towards the sector. Taking January 2020 for instance, a leading automotive giant in one of the world’s top two-wheelers market, Bajaj, launched its new electric scooter, Chetak, in India at a starting price of $1332.25. As with other India-focused vehicles, the scooter boasts of range of up to 60 miles on full charge. Considering the constantly rising fossil fuel prices in the region, the new scooter is expected to record major growth as consumers shift to electric means of transportation in the country.

According to a research report by Global Market Insights Inc., the global electric motorcycles and scooters market is likely to surpass a valuation of $40 billion by the end of 2026.

Following is a brief overview of major trends that are characterizing the global electric motorcycles and scooters market outlook:

Increasing adoption of 24V batteries in scooters

In terms of the voltage, 24V batteries are projected to observe a tremendous demand from the electric scooters sector over the coming years. These batteries offer shorter distance ranges that are optimum for day-to-day commutes travel across populated urban cities.

The product has a fewer number of cells, which reduces its weight and cost significantly, effectively increasing their adoption in daily commuter vehicle models. In addition, the ongoing expansion of electric scooter sharing services for commute in urban areas would propel the demand for 24V batteries over the coming years.

Rising environmental concerns

With an aim to tackle the environmental concerns arising due to pollution, a number of global government organizations are actively promoting the use of electric vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters.

Several governments have rolled out favorable regulations and have started providing consumers substantial subsidies, incentives, and grants to promote the purchase of new electric scooters and motorcycles, which is likely to significantly help augment the overall market share.

Meanwhile, authorities across North America, Europe, and parts of the APAC are increasingly implementing stricter vehicular emission regulations and norms to control and effectively reduce their respective carbon footprints. These efforts are actively directing the consumers towards non fossil fuels based transportation, contributing heavily towards the adoption of electric motorcycles and scooters globally. 

Shifting industry conditions in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific electric motorcycles and scooters market is slated to foresee heavy growth over the coming years due to the growing environmental concerns in the region. Rapidly growing levels of carbon emissions is creating an immense need for eco-friendly transportation solutions across countries like China and India.

The APAC is also home to the world’s largest two-wheeler market with India, Vietnam, and China leading the charge. Considering its potential, several market players are actively looking to consolidate their presence in the regional market. In fact, emerging manufacturers like Ultraviolette Automotive and Emflux are foraying into India, which is likely to majorly impact the regional market outlook through the projected timeframe            .

Meanwhile, in other regional markets that do not have as flourishing of a two-wheeler industry as APAC, major industry players are implementing different strategies such as collaborations and acquisitions to bring in revenues from the market. Taking January 2020 for instance, renowned electric scooter company, Bird, reportedly announced the acquisition of its rival Circ for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition would allow Bird to stake a bigger claim of the Europe micromobility market.

The competitive landscape of the global electric motorcycles and scooters market is inclusive of players such as Z Electric Vehicle, Zero Motorcycles, Govecs Group, KTM, Energica Motor Company, Lightning Motorcycles, Mahindra GenZe, Shandong Incalcu Electric Vehicle, Amper Vehicles, and Harley Davidson among others. 

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A qualified computer engineering graduate, Akshay Kedari takes pride in having his way with words. Following his passion for content creation, he writes insightful pieces on numerous portals, pertaining to the domains of technology and business. Also endorsed with a short-term experience in web development, Akshay lends expertise procured from his core domain in the articles he pens down.