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Everything You Need To Learn About Electric Vehicles In Hot Weather

by Emily Harrison

The summer season means that the weather is hot and there are plenty of adventures for everyone. However, your electric car is unlikely to enjoy such experiences because it doesn’t like the heat from the hot weather. There are many ways in which hot weather can negatively affect your electric vehicle. 

Your electric vehicle is very unlikely to respond to the heat of the summer in the same way that your gasoline-powered cars will. You must know what to expect from your electric vehicle as to the summer rolls in, so you will learn how to take care of it. 

You need to know many things about your electric vehicle and the hot weather, and we'll be discussing that in this article. 

The Driving Range 

The driving range of electric cars is significantly affected by extremely hot weather conditions. Research by AAA, published on the essay writers for hire platform, claims that when the vehicle is working under a temperature as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit (with the AC on), the driving range will reduce by 17%. 

Although these electric vehicles will react differently to extreme weather conditions, then they might be more severe for some than others. 

However, there are two significant implications of lower driving ranges for owners of electric vehicles. Firstly, they have to cut down on their travels, especially when they haven’t charged up. Secondly, having to charge the car constantly means that they will incur more costs. 

To maximize your vehicle’s driving range during hot weather, here are a few ideas from the essay writing service you should implement. 

        Limit the use of some features such as intelligent stereos and an air conditioner.

        Reduce the weight or load in the car. 

        Make use of energy-saving setting when you can

        While driving, be consistent with your speed. Avoid driving at high speeds, and minimize braking and accelerating.

It would be helpful for you to plan your trip. Ensure to cool the cabin before taking the vehicle out of the charger so that the temperature is correct when you go in. Apart from making you more comfortable, it will also reduce battery stress.

Maximizing the battery life

You must maximize your battery life and make sure that it is in excellent condition in the hot weather as much as possible. According to a best paper writing service at college-paper.org reviews, there are different ways to do this.

        Leave the car plugged in.

It takes power to run the sophisticated technologies in an electric vehicle. There are always processes running in the car even when it is switched off and not moving. You must be able to manage your battery. If it gets very hot, the cooling system kicks in to keep it operating within the safe limit, and this can drain the battery.

You can solve this problem by leaving it plugged in in-between your journeys. The car won’t charge past the set limit, but the cooling system will be powered by electricity if it’s required.

        Reduce your overnight charging 

If you’re charging your car’s battery at a high capacity or too fast, it is likely to get hot, and the management system will drain it. 

What you should do is consider your journey the next day. The optimal charge percentage is at 80% for an electric vehicle, and it might get too hot if it gets to 100%. So, don’t charge to 100% often unless there’s a very long drive ahead. For Tesla, you’re allowed to charge maximally at 80%, and you’ll have to change the specific setting before you get to 100%. 

Another thing to consider is the charging speed. If you are moving for 50 miles the next day, leave it at Level 1 trickle charge. This will give you the juice that you need for the next day. 

        Park the car under a shade, when it’s possible.

Almost all car owners must have experience getting into their car, and it’s boiling, especially when it’s parked under the sun during the summer. The oven-like heat isn’t one that anyone would want to experience. However, it’s also detrimental to the car as it can overheat the battery. If you park it under a shade or inside the garage while it is plugged in, there will be less need for the management system of the battery to kick on. It will also reduce the need for you to use cooling systems and air conditioners while driving. 

According to an article in assignment help UK, using tinted windows and sunshade for your windshield also serve as cooling systems and will reduce the need for cooling for your comfort.

Tire safety 

The hot weather conditions of the summer are capable of decreasing the safety and reliability of car tires. This applies to gas-powered cars as well. When the tires are not correctly inflated, they can overheat due to the heat, and in worst scenarios, it may lead to a blowout. Also, when the tires are not correctly inflated, it may lead to reduced efficiency. 

It will help if you keep your tires in good shape at all times, especially during the summer. Check them before every trip or in-between trips when you can. You could also carry out a monthly inflation check using the tire pressure gauge. Ensure that the tires are inflated according to the specifications for your car model (which you can find on the placard around the driver's door jamb). 


It's a lot of fun to drive around the summer on loud music. Like the use of an air conditioner, this drains the car’s battery which can otherwise be channeled for operating the vehicle. If you’re going to enjoy some loud music or other forms of comfort with your vehicle, then you shouldn’t be driving simultaneously. If you’re using theme streaming services, you should download albums and playlists whenever possible because cellular network data can also drain the battery. 


As the summer approaches, you must know how to maintain your electric vehicle to keep it in optimum condition. 

Author Bio 

Emily Harrison is one of the most influential editors of a big company in London. She has been working in this company since 2006. Her hobby is reading books. But besides that, Emily is fond of sports and music. She is a very positive person.